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Application Requirements

English proficiency

Although Korean language is sponken in Korea, Chung-Ang university tries to harbor English-speaking environment. You can find enough graduate classes taught in Englsih, and the communication in the lab will be performed in English. Therefore, ability to communicate in English is essential.

All foreign applicants for grauate program in my lab are requied to showe English proficiency. IBT more than 80 or other test scores equivalent to this is required before application to my lab. The score obtained within the last 2 years should be submitted.

Academic ability

My research group is working on biological and chemical phenomea by means of chemistry-based methodology. Therefore, candidates are expected to have a strong biology and chemistry background for their successful graduate study in Korea. Academic ability is often judged by their GPA from the transcripts. If a prospective student want to give more positive impression, he/she can list your publications in your CV.

Research Plan

Although admitted graduate students' research topic will be assigned based on their interest and my research plan in the laboratory, submission of research plan is recommended. It is required for the application of CAYSS scholarship and, more importantly, will be used for evaluation of applicant's research potential.

You can prepare the research plan based on your current or former research experiences, or you can prepare it after reviewing my publications found in this website.


Application Procedure

1. Contact Professor Han

Send application documents to me using email. The documents may includes cover letter, CV, transcripts, and research plan.

2. Apply for CAYSS scholarship

Most foreign applicants are required to apply for CAYSS scholarship before their application to graduate school at Chung-Ang university. The scholarship supports your tuition during the course work. If the applicant satisfies the application requirements, I will recommend your application for CAYSS to the graduate school.


3. Apply for graduate school

With application to the CAYSS scholarship, all the application processes for graduate school admission will be handled by international application coordinator in graduate school.



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